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A Cut above the Competition

After graduating from FSU and working in south Florida for 3 years for an auto-forwarding company, Jared Zatkowsky, the founder and owner of Exclusive Auto Shipping moved back home to the Tallahassee Area. He brought with him his entrepreneurial spirit and the acquired knowledge and customer service skills dealing with people in a professional manner and a talent for moving vehicles around the US and to offshore locations. He had decided that he would operate the business in a manner that would put him “A Cut above the Competition” in such a way that his professionalism and the exercising of his unique capabilities would be highly visible.

This has been accomplished through the 5-star reviews and ratings he has earned, in writing, from former customers and clients.

Quality Customer Service Is Our Mission

Quality customer service and concern for the client’s needs of being well informed of the essential facets of auto transportation and also keeping them advised of the ongoing status of their transported vehicle as it moved to its destination. The shipping process being seamless and the level of service being excellent are the primary motivational factors in driving the Exclusive Auto Shipping to greater success.

The company believes that delivering the facts and being open and transparent with clients eliminates any misunderstands as to how the shipping event will be handled. The details of the planning, pickup, and delivery of the vehicle are explained. The price is agreed upon for the movement and is fair and competitive. The details of origin pickup and destination delivery along with the necessary transporter information will be outlined for vehicle transportation with the price set and all sealed in a written contract.

How To Select The Right Vehicle Shipping Company

A unique feature of the auto shipping industry is that Transport Coordinators like Exclusive Auto Shipping are located in many cities and towns around the country and not necessarily in a major city. Yet, because of the way business is done, clients are from all over the country, and in some cases outside our country. It is a business that is done through the telephone and via computers. There is seldom a brick and mortar establishment.

These companies are dependent on leads, either from direct contact from potential clients or leads that are from other companies in the business of auto transportation. Leads for these companies are derived from potential clients searching on the internet and selecting auto transporters in a very random manner.  Those that are searching for a company that forwards or ships vehicles are often requested to complete an online information form. The form requires your name, contact, and desired shipping information. In response, the company will provide information and a shipping quote.

The shipping company will contact you for more detailed information on your shipping requirements and may discuss costs. In some cases if the company is unable or not interested in your business, they may either share your information with another dealer who may be able to help you or they sell your contact informatio to several other shipping companies. Often times this sale of your information results in numerous phone calls to you from forwarders that may be interested in your business. In most cases, you are dealing with brokers who will broker your business to transport truckers, the folks that will load your vehicle on a truck and get it to its destination.

This system is fine since that is the way the industry works. Not one company can own and operate the number of trucks required to move the volume of vehicles that need to be transported. A transportation coordinator or broker does the hard work of selecting a trucker to move your vehicle, set up a schedule and negotiate an acceptable price and terms. They will be your liaison with the necessary parties to ensure that things go in the right direction and leave your life with a little less stress.

 Now comes the hard part: making the right choice in selecting a broker or transportation coordinator that you want to deal with. How can you be assured that you have made the right selection and that the company you are about to do business with is honest and will give the services promised at a reasonable price?

The answer is quite simple. The best way to check out your potential auto transporter is by checking their reviews! Exclusive Auto Shipping is proud to have almost every review in the 5-star category.  This is a superior level of achievement and service. Look for yourself! You will make the right selection by choosing Exclusive Auto Shipping.

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