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With over 130 5-star Google Reviews and growing, Exclusive Auto Shipping has a proven track record of customer satisfaction.  Here are just a few of the kind things some of our customers had to say:

Monnica KennedyMonnica Kennedy

Recommend 110%. Brian could not have made this transport any easier. He found the carrier and kept me updated multiple times. We got a very good price by using his suggestions. The carrier picked up the vehicle right on time at our home AND it was delivered a day early!! Thank you very much Brian!

Judea F.Judea F.

Jared is the man🤘🏾. This was the first time I’ve had to ship a car and I was really worried about getting ripped off and any possible mishaps that could happen but all of that stress was eased once my initial conversation ended with Jared. He was honest, hardworking and very black and white/ straight to the point. I got a deal that I couldn’t have beat myself if I tried and the communication and customer service was pristine. Very rare for any type of business to TRULY possess these qualities. I mean, what more can I say? If you’re reading this, I urge you to go ahead and contact Exclusive Auto Shipping if you are in need of a stress free and cost efficient auto shipping service.

Frank AgundesFrank Agundes

If you need someone to transport your vehicle, Jared is your man! I had our newly acquired car transported from Massachusetts to Texas. It was picked up & arrived as promised. They outsource the transport but even they did an excellent job! I'll come back to Jared should I ever need a vehicle transported again & I'll recommend him to anyone. Jared is a very nice guy, responds fast, & is very efficient. Thanks Jared!


I can always count on Jared to find an auto shipper fast and exactly where I need to ship a vehicle from. His quotes are reasonable and within a few hours. He knows the good car transporters and only uses the best. I never hesitate to recommend him to my car club members and other friends.

David OrDavid Or

Terrible Customer Service. Jared contracted a carrier for pickup on Sunday evening. The carrier did not show up as promised. I contacted Jared to inform him of the issue. He stated the dispatcher did not follow thru. When I asked Jared for the carrier to extend the same courtesy to me on flexibility, he refused. Jared became argumentative with me, and refused to accomodate my delivery timeframes. I reminded Jared that as a broker he works for me not the carrier. He refused to accomodate me and I ended up cancelling my order. Strongly reccommend finding another broker. Buyer beware! Rebuttl to Jared Zotowsky's latest attempt at damage control. What Jared doesn't admit to is that he had a Sunday pickup for one of his customer's and did not follow-thru with the customer or carrier to ensure the pickup was executed. Jared is the sole proprietor of Exclusive Auto Shipping and therefore answers to himself. Unfortunately what Jared doesn't understand, is that when you run your business, your on call 24/7 to ensure that situations like this are executed. My time is valuable and he had me and the seller, waiting around for approximately 5 hours waiting for the scheduled. I don't see in any of his postings that he is taking ownership of this. As an executive, I find this very disturbing, not someone I would want to continue to do business with. Additionally, I see that Jared has taken the liberty to post our text messages, which my attorney is discovering whether this is a violation of privacy on my behalf, which could result litigation with Exclusive Auto Shipping and it's proprietor Jared Zotowsky liable for damages. It's also important to note that Jared's text message was sent to me at 12:12 a.m., and woke my wife and I up from our sleep. This is classified as harassment, and will be dealt with seriously. Lastly, I've contacted the BBB of Tallahase, Florida, to discuss Jared Zatowsky's behavior and questionable business ethics, for immediate action.

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