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We understand that shipping your vehicle may be a stressful process.  However, we are confident that our proven process can make the experience as easy as possible.  If you don’t see an answer to your question here, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

Can I ship personal items in the vehicle?

Federal regulations prohibit auto transporters from carrying anything other than a vehicle since they do not have the proper license, nor insurance, to also move home goods or personal items. This means that any personal items of the shipper that are placed in the vehicle are not contractually permitted and the carrier can be subject to a fine. The trucks go through weigh stations where they are examined by inspectors and weighed. This is when items might be removed from a vehicle. It is common for carriers to request empty vehicles. Although some carriers have been known to turn a blind eye to 100 lbs. or less in the trunk or cargo space.

What if my vehicle does not run, is that ok?

There may be a fee above the regular shipping fee. The transporter is going to have to have a winch to get your vehicle on the truck. We also need to know the non-running status at the time of booking to ensure that the transporter can accommodate your car transport.

Do I need individual insurance when shipping my vehicle?

As long as your car on the truck it is covered by the carrier’s cargo insurance for exterior damage and, if needed, your personal insurance is secondary.

Can my vehicle be tracked while en-route?

Depending on the transporter and the company your detailed tracking of truck location may or may not be available. Since most of these transporters are independent owner-operators and tracking through satellite GPS is expensive this feature may not be available. We can check with the company to see if they offer this tracking feature.

When will my vehicle be picked up?

Is a firm date, time and location for my vehicle to be picked up established? The pickup of your vehicle is dependent on various situations and factors. One of the things that will determine when your vehicle will be picked up is the location where the pickup is established. The frequency of a transporter going thru or by this location and if it is going to or by your desired destination. What we generally work with is a “Pickup window,” a range of times and dates that we can establish a pickup. Because of this flexibility, we will work with you to get the time, place and location for your truck.

Where would I have my vehicle picked up and dropped off?

The location for the initial pick up will be established in concert with the Transport Coordinator prior to the completion of our contract. The preferred location for pick up is door to door, pick up at your home and delivered to your new home if at all possible. This door to door process can be accomplished if the truck is able to get to and from the point of pickup, your home for example, and there are no local truck restrictions. Alternative locations if door to door is not possible is an agreed upon area, generally a large parking lot that can accommodate a large truck where you can meet the driver. In some areas, there are terminals where cars can be dropped off, but we prefer to use them only if that is the only way we can accomplish the pickup.

Do I have to drop my vehicle off somewhere and leave it unattended waiting for the transporter?

It is possible to drop off and leave the vehicle unattended if the carrier and shipper have agreed upon those conditions. We would recommend that the owner or a person assigned by the vehicle owner remain with the vehicle right up to pick up time by the transporter. The reason for this requirement is to allow for detailed vehicle damage walk around that will be performed by the driver and the person attending the vehicle. Also, there are required signatures on the shipping documents and turn over all the keys to the vehicle. The same applies to the drop-off or destination point. They must be either the owner or a designated person to accept the vehicle and perform a walk around for the damage inspection, to sign any documents and make payment that may be required.

Step 1

Fill out our simple quote form and we’ll guide you through the process of setting up your vehicle for shipping. Don’t worry, we’re there for you every step of the way.

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Your vehicle is picked up and transported. You can track your vehicle by e-mail, phone or text and you even have the ability to communicate with the driver!

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Congratulations on reuniting with your vehicle! At this point simply inspect your car and settle up with your driver. Issues or concerns? Call us. We’re here to help.

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